How do you feel about the diagnosis of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES)?

FAQs about psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES)

How do you feel about the diagnosis of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES)?

You may experience a range of emotional reactions when you find out that you have PNES. This is understandable.

"I feel CONFUSED" -- It can be confusing to be diagnosed with PNES, especially if you believed you had epilepsy. Epilepsy is quite well known and understood, while PNES is a condition that can be difficult to understand and is not so publicly known.

"I feel ANGRY" - Some people may feel angry that they were diagnosed with a different diagnosis in the past. Also, some people may become angry because it is hard to accept that they do not have epilepsy or some other neurological condition they believed they could have. They may feel angry with the doctor who diagnosed them with PNES because they continue to feel this is a wrong diagnosis.

"I have DOUBTS" -- Some people do not accept the explanation of PNES because they do not see any clear emotional difficulty in their lives or they do not feel stressed right before each episode. PNES episodes may occur without a clearly identifiable trigger or significant life stressor at the time of their onset. People sometimes think that if there are emotional factors at play, they "should be able to control the seizures" -- not true; people do not choose when they become depressed or have a panic attack, and it is the same for PNES.

"I feel RELIEVED" -- Some people are glad that a clear diagnosis was finally made so they can receive the right treatment for their condition.

It is often helpful to think about how you feel about your diagnosis. This can make it easier to discuss the problem with other people and to ask friends, family, and your doctor for help.